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Why lack of attention?

A former blog explained how thoughts are being enjoyed rather than objects of experiences. The blog also implied the utmost importance of attention - attention, without which freedom can't creep in. That's eventually attention alone that frees us from our sorrow, fear, envy, hatred & all the rest of it! So, why there is inattention? There are many ways to answer that relevant question but let the author stick to a particular reason relevant to daily life & easily pondered over. 
The primary cause of inattention is simply our prejudices with certain actions; We ain't valuing all actions equally - some actions have been being given utmost importance while some actions have been being trivialized & thus haven't been being enjoyed really. So, the mind that has started discriminating among actions, can't remain attentive on actions that have been considered trivial or irrelevant. Consider a simple example of eating a favorite dish; do you really remain attent…