On completing a quarter of life.

The setting sun touched the faraway horizon; the evening glow seemed to remind of ever increasing age clasped by temporariness. During that commencing twilight of the dusk, the author is all set to pour down his experience with its conclusion briefly in the last evening of the first quarter of his life! 

Barring certain experiences in form of skills needed to get along with livelihood, how liberating is to not accumulate experiences otherwise? One accumulates experiences to form an image that obstructs the direct perception lateron because then one starts looking at the object of perception through the image of the past. This breeds attachments to the past & stagnance against ever-refreshing reality which eventually smothers the purity of beingness. Wherefore, the experience of the author in life is to not hold on to experiences. But how can it become possible to not imbibe experiences while relishing them? - By holding on to the consciousness or beingness. When consciousness/beingness holds on to itself, then there is no accumulation thus only joy! 

Therefore, the experience of the author is to not experience anything by holding onto the consciousness! That alone sets free him of the prison of his own conditioning. All is ephemeral & changing. One has to be something that is changeless, utterly quiet & ever refreshing reality. 

Jai Mahakaal!


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