Why lack of attention?

A former blog explained how thoughts are being enjoyed rather than objects of experiences. The blog also implied the utmost importance of attention - attention, without which freedom can't creep in. That's eventually attention alone that frees us from our sorrow, fear, envy, hatred & all the rest of it! So, why there is inattention? There are many ways to answer that relevant question but let the author stick to a particular reason relevant to daily life & easily pondered over. 

The primary cause of inattention is simply our prejudices with certain actions; We ain't valuing all actions equally - some actions have been being given utmost importance while some actions have been being trivialized & thus haven't been being enjoyed really. So, the mind that has started discriminating among actions, can't remain attentive on actions that have been considered trivial or irrelevant. Consider a simple example of eating a favorite dish; do you really remain attentive while eating or start thinking of something else? While eating, the mind is interested in the action of tasting the food only but it's not interested in chewing, picking up a slice of food, etc, so, it makes for the reason for inattention while having food. The same goes for all the actions analogously - be it wearing a dress or walking somewhere. 

Therefore, if we could stop regarding some actions important or superior to others but start regarding all actions equally, then won't we turn more attentive in our actions?

May we aspire to value all our actions equally!
May we enjoy the process instead of merely a result!

Jai Mahakal!


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