Hypothetical conversation among Jiddu Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharshi & Abhinavagupta.

On an occasion while pondering over some ontological questions, author's mind conceived a hypothetical conversation that went as below.

Jiddu Krishnamurti - Observer is observed. By choicelessly aware of the content of one's psyche one gets rid of one's habit patterns lying down firmly in form of multitude of conditionings.
Ramana Maharshi - But if the observer is observed, who is the one remains as witness when observer is observed realised? What is that substratum upon which observer which itself is observed mounted? When non duality of observer and observed realised who is the one who witnesses the non duality of observer and observed? To all these answers, I maintain that the substratum who witnesses the observer is observed as a background is consciousness which you call intelligence.
But the question which remains is why choicelessly aware of conditionings of psyche brings about freedom from those conditionings?
Abhinavgupta - Can any heap of seeds (conditionings) sprout while lying firmly inside an all-devouring burning fire (consciousness), surrounded by the circle of its flames (recognitive apprehension)?

Om Shanti! 


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