How do you learn?

...Look at it please, madam. Don't stick yo your particular opinion, for god's sake move away from it. Find out. - Jiddu Krishnamurthy (Awakening of intelligence)

Let the author first define learning - 
Any way to knowledge accumulation that results into one's arrival at truth is learning.
Now, How do you learn? Do you learn by accepting what's pleasing to your mind? Mind being accumulation of your past experiences, prejudices, etc. is powerhouse of conditioning, doesn't make it necessary for whatever you like turned out to be truth? Does it? Can not it be case that truth is unpleasing to your mind? But you reject it due to conditioning or prior prejudices?

Something unacceptable to you can also turned out to be truth & if you learn by only accepting what is pleasing to hear, then you will never arrive at the truth. Will you? 

So, it is important to not allow our prior prejudices to interfere in our analysis or observation. Then only there is a possibility of learning!

Let peace prevail!


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