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Why lack of attention?

A former blog explained how thoughts are being enjoyed rather than objects of experiences. The blog also implied the utmost importance of attention - attention, without which freedom can't creep in. That's eventually attention alone that frees us from our sorrow, fear, envy, hatred & all the rest of it! So, why there is inattention? There are many ways to answer that relevant question but let the author stick to a particular reason relevant to daily life & easily pondered over.  The primary cause of inattention is simply our prejudices with certain actions; We ain't valuing all actions equally - some actions have been being given utmost importance while some actions have been being trivialized & thus haven't been being enjoyed really. So, the mind that has started discriminating among actions, can't remain attentive on actions that have been considered trivial or irrelevant. Consider a simple example of eating a favorite dish; do you really remain attent

Creation isn't random.

The following was the first tanka, the author had written while pondering about the nature of reality. philosophy on the nature of reality- brimming over with thy universality - the blissful nectar; however choiceless thy acts, ain't really arbitrary! thus, the tanka maintains the creation is an outpouring of the blissful nature of reality. And also, since the bliss is of the very nature of freedom, the actions born out of it ain't random.  #शिव 

Hypothetical conversation among Jiddu Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharshi & Abhinavagupta.

On an occasion while pondering over some ontological questions, author's mind conceived a hypothetical conversation that went as below. Jiddu Krishnamurti - Observer is observed. By choicelessly aware of the content of one's psyche one gets rid of one's habit patterns lying down firmly in form of multitude of conditionings. Ramana Maharshi - But if the observer is observed, who is the one remains as witness when observer is observed realised? What is that substratum upon which observer which itself is observed mounted?  When non duality of observer and observed realised who is the one who witnesses the non duality of observer and observed? To all these answers, I maintain that the substratum who witnesses the observer is observed as a background is consciousness which you call intelligence. But the question which remains is why choicelessly aware of conditionings of psyche brings about freedom from those conditionings? Abhinavgupta - Can any heap of seeds (conditionings) sp

How do you learn?

...Look at it please, madam. Don't stick yo your particular opinion, for god's sake move away from it. Find out. - Jiddu Krishnamurthy (Awakening of intelligence)