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Why thoughts?

Aah, Why thoughts? Why should there be constant stream of thoughts?  If one looks at it, one would find the reason of existence of thoughts simply is that the one enjoys to have thoughts! That's it. Nothing more!  You subconsciously enjoy thoughts, for that's all you have experienced. You never experienced food, beauty, river, tree, etc. but the thought that chipped in during direct experience. So, when thoughts all that you have experienced & enjoyed, then you tend to bring about thoughts subconsciously to enjoy them. BTW, the thinker is also thought. :)

The cause of all problems?

Have you ever wondered what is the cause of all problems - individual as well as social problems? Since society is merely a group of people woven together through thread of relationships of many kind, in understanding of personal problems, one might understand social problems as well.  Let's discuss core problems of an individual. The individual can have physical problems or psychological problems. Probably, every individual problem will go into one of the either bucket. Physical problems are caused due to society or environment where one lives along with one's own lifestyle. Leaving the former problems caused due to society, let's take the later into the account, for lifestyle is in one's own hand. Lifestyle being the expression of one's psyche, the physical problems cause due to lifestyle is eventually reduced to psychological problems. So, we arrive at psychological problems being the pivot of our discussion.  Lust, anger, greed, fear, sorrow, etc. are make for p

Irony of oneness!

The very first Haiku I conceived went by, a frog leaped upon a moth to eat, but sharing unitary soul. What it tells is despite having the same source, one is forced to subjugate or devour another to perpetuate oneself. Looking at the fragmented life, can it be conjectured that the essence is eventually the same? That's the irony, despite having the common essence, commonality isn't perceived in the world where we eke out a living.